The second blog post

The second blog post
I’m trying to update a blog post every day, technical stuff is not not want to release, just online trying to find related technical blog posts is too much, to be honest I built this blog or rather blind, their own English level is not very good, so the production of an English site is really not very easy.
The first purpose of creating this blog is to create a personal IP, the goal is to let SEO workers know that there is such a Chinese SEO operator Leoshen, not like me now, operating in China for 12 years of Baidu SEO, is still obscure.
The second purpose of creating this blog is to expand business, I believe there are still many companies or individuals who do not have SEO skills, I believe that with my years of experience in the field should be able to provide the best service to their websites.
The third purpose of creating this blog is to communicate, I hope to find some SEO operators outside of China, SEO work is boring, I need friends.
That’s it for today’s share of nonsense, and by the way, Happy International Children’s Day!


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