With 10.78 million people participating, is there anything more difficult than the Chinese college entrance exam?

Today is not a holiday, but in a sense, it is better than any holiday.


Because today is the opening day of the college entrance exams.

It reminds me a lot.

Last year a total of 10.71 million students in China went to the examination hall, and this year even more, with 10.78 million people taking the college entrance exam.

Although China’s university education has been expanding, more and more people are taking the college entrance exam.

Some people say that today college students are everywhere.

In fact, educational resources are dividing and competition will become more and more intense in the future.

Using the average admission rate of some provinces and cities last year, half of the people will also be eliminated from the college entrance exam and will not be able to get a bachelor’s degree.

China undergraduate admission rate for college entrance exams
China undergraduate admission rate for college entrance exams

So, today, these kids are facing the first selective competition in their lives, perhaps in the true sense of the word.

It’s hard, and it’s brutal.

But, again, in a sense, it’s not that hard.

The key is, have you lived 365 days, working on 1 goal every day for the future, or have you taken a day and repeated it just 365 times?

Just yesterday, I saw a very interesting question.

Someone asked, “I’m particularly nervous about the college entrance exam tomorrow, what should I study now?

There are thousands of seemingly professional answers below, but I think the best answer is four words.

“Sleep well”.

The reason is simple: a person who is prepared has been preparing for his goals and dreams for three years or more, and the college entrance exam is just a side test of his dedication.

For those who are unprepared, the result already speaks for itself.

The college entrance exam is like running a business. Some people may run the business for the purpose of completing the “listing” exam like the college entrance exam.

Some run their business to serve the community and create value.

The final audit of listing is like today’s college entrance examination, even more cruel than the college entrance examination.

Because there is only one channel for listing in China, it seems that the success rate of listing is very high every year, but very few companies are qualified to pass the audit, questions and screening.

Last year, only 224 companies were approved for the entire board.

In my previous article, I also shared with you the process I went through to get a company listed.

It was much more intense and exciting than the college entrance examination.

While the college entrance exam is two to three days long, the core of the listing process is only one hour, and the results are communicated in 10 seconds.

This moment, it is decided that a company for the listing of all the efforts made and expensive costs, is not to get a return.

That time, the company unfortunately failed.

The owner almost had to jump from the 17th floor in front of me.

But looking back, including the company executives, accountants, lawyers, and even the boss himself who were present that day, the atmosphere was tense to the extreme, as if they already felt they were out of luck before they even started, just waiting for a miracle to happen.

However, there is no such thing as a miracle in this world, and if there is, it must be a necessity.

The reason why that company failed in the face of the “entrance exam”, in fact, they just want to go public.

So much so that they paid too much attention to the performance requirements, but did not take responsibility for the business and decision-making process, did not know their long-term goals and positioning in the industry, did not obtain sustainable operating income, and finally went badly wrong.

Some companies, on the other hand, do not even take IPO seriously, such as Alibaba, which was rushed to send money by global investment institutions and carried to IPO as soon as they talked about going public, and Huawei, which is not listed until now.


I am often asked why Huawei does not go public?

Because Huawei does not care about being listed or not.

What Huawei wants is how to be the first in the communications industry, what kind of value can I create for the world?

With this goal, listing is no longer the ultimate goal.

Huawei also simply divided the equity to the staff shareholding, to encourage them to adhere to the spirit of hard work.

This is why we say.

Where value breeds, it is never overcrowded.

But where value is born, it is never deserted.

Likewise, entrance exams are not the ultimate purpose of studying and learning.

The purpose of studying should not lie in just one exam.

If you keep studying with the utilitarian mindset of completing the college entrance exam, even if you pass it, what kind of courage and motivation should you use to choose the direction and path of your future life?

Kant once said: the so-called freedom is not to do what you want, but to master yourself.

The same is true for the purpose of learning.

Let’s look at the schooling experiences of many of today’s business moguls.

Whether it’s Lei Jun, who got into the computer science department at Wuhan University because he loves programming, or Liu Qiangdong, who aspired to see the bigger world in Beijing and Shanghai, all the way from the small township of Suqian to Renmin University in Beijing.

lei jun
lei jun

They all have a goal, with the college entrance examination this springboard, into a larger stage, met their own bole.

Of course, there are not so lucky.

You see, like Jack Ma, the college entrance examination three times, from single-digit math examination to pass, and finally broke into the Hangzhou Normal undergraduate program in foreign languages.

However, in this process, Ma began to set goals for himself, with learning power, college grades in the foreign language department ranked in the top five, served as the president of the Hangzhou City Federation of Schools for two sessions.

I, on the other hand, had a slightly better experience in the college entrance exam than Ma.

I took the college entrance examination twice.

The first time I took the college entrance examination, I chose science and technology, because at that time everyone felt that “learning mathematics, science and chemistry well, going around the world is not afraid”, and that there was nothing to do in the liberal arts, nor could I do anything.

However, I did not study physics and chemistry in junior high school, and I took the entrance examination after two years in high school, and of course I failed.

Although I failed to get a lot of white eyes, but I really did not care at all.

I seriously went to think about the question, what is my goal? What are my strengths?

I think those subjects that require memory, I’ve always learned pretty well.

And my inner goal was not to finish the college entrance exams, but to “go out”.

So I immediately switched to liberal arts, and the next year, with almost zero English, I got into Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, as I had hoped, and really went out and saw the bigger world.

Strictly speaking, we are all ordinary people, and we may really not be as good as many of the children who study today.

But everyone has a talent that belongs to them.

You have to find your own excellence, set your goal as a career worth paying for in the long run, and work hard to achieve it.

There is no such thing as “people who are better than you work harder than you” in this world.

Everyone’s life is a long process of “continuous adjustment, continuous improvement, to achieve the ambition”.

In this, the only bargaining chip is our time.

The amount of time you invest, the effort you put into it, determines whether you can get a return.

In this sense, even if it is lying flat, you have to have a goal, a plan to long-term implementation, to seize the most important opportunity.

The college entrance exam, the first threshold on the road of life for many people, is not important enough to determine a person’s future.

There are countless thresholds to cross in the future.

However, the college entrance exam is also the fairest opportunity to test your efforts and give reciprocal rewards.

So, if you can hold on to it tightly, don’t miss it, and don’t let time slip away quietly.

What you waste today is the extravagant tomorrow of those who have passed away.

The present that you loathe may be the once that the future you crave.

If you have already chosen the path and goal, then, it has been brave to go forward.

The great work of a thousand years in your mind, just a hundred years of style.


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