About LeoShen

Hello everyone, I am LeoShen, welcome to my SEO blog, very early in the Chinese domestic establishment of the Chinese blog, the domain name is usseo.cn, that time Google in China has been unable to normal access, and at that time my work focus is also around the Baidu search engine to carry out, probably introduce my work experience:

In 2007, I worked for a Fortune 500 company, HC360.com, and engaged in full-time SEO work.
In 2009, he founded the Korea Tong Portal and was responsible for the overall operation, which reached 300,000 IPs per day, but the project failed in the end, and it is not convenient to elaborate the reasons for the failure.
In 2012, I worked part-time as SEO consultant for many network companies, cooperated to develop integrated SEO site maintenance CMS system (software registration number 2012SR031414), developed more than 200 channel network companies, and served more than about 50,000 end customers.
2016 I continue to start my own business and set up Changzhou Second Collection Network Service Co.
2021 Influenced by the new crown or perhaps the general trend, switch to foreign trade Google search engine, gradually abandoned China Baidu optimization business.

I am not a well-known SEO operator in China, but I am probably the one who has been operating SEO for the longest time, I am a blue-collar worker in the SEO industry.
I like to communicate and share, but my spoken English is not good. I have tried to record and share videos, but before that, SEO technology is still a niche and not familiar to the public, plus I am not good-looking, so the video’s airtime is miserable. My relatives and friends didn’t understand my career, I introduced my career as an SEO, but he thought I was the CEO, with a look of admiration, which made me very embarrassed.
Now it is May 31, 2021 11:21:18 GMT, this is LeoShen.net’s first blog post, I hope that friends who see this blog post can give me something to say, even if it is an expression, thank you!

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